We have a huge variety of marijuana seed banks

  • Bulk seeds

    Selection of the best seeds at the best price in limited editions.

  • Dj Short

    A Breeder since the early 70's, DJ Short has produced some of the most unique strains found anywhere on the planet. His Blueberry strain placed first in the Indica category at the 2000 Cannabis Cup. As one of the most important Breeders of our time, DJ Short raises the bar for all cannabis breeders with his original mix of new and Old World genetics. All seeds are 100% organic.

    A veteran breeder, DJ Short has been active for nearly 40 years. Despite shying away from the spotlight, he has produced some of the most loved strains in the world today, especially Blueberry which has been described by some as ‘the most wonderful form of marijuana to date’.

    A true cannabis pioneer in America, DJ Short seeds are not cultivated for maximum volume or high THC content but for a unique and exciting sensory experience.

  • Jordan of the islands

    My personal goal is to create the best types of marijuana for both connoisseur and medical patients alike.

    Jordan of the Islands is located on beautiful Vancouver Island, which is blessed with some of the finest conditions imaginable to produce and breed the top cannabis strains. I've been breeding marijuana seeds for over 20 years and originally had my cannabis seeds stocked by Marc Emery Seeds Direct.

    My passion for breeding the finest quality weed seeds continues and Jordan of the Islands's products now appear in many reputable seed bank catalogs. A smallish breeder, who sows amazing seeds, I've been rewarded numerous times; Cannabis Cups, Tokers Bowl and BC Fall Harvest Cups.

    I'm dedicated to creating original, flavorful, aromatic, powerful, and most importantly the best yielding types of marijuana. Our seeds have excellent germination rates and create healthy, sturdy, and best, bug resistant plants that are easy for you to enjoy.

    Accept no substitutes, I am the proprietor of the authentic sticky, stanky, couch-locking, God Bud phenotype. People's adoration of my resinous God Bud has made it a backbone of many of my newly available marijuana strains; God's AK47, God's Lemon, and incredibly God's OG Kush.

    I believe you will appreciate all of Jordan of the Islands strains as much as I do.

  • Low ryder (Joint doctor)

    What makes our seeds different? Joint Doctor’s seed varieties belong to a new family of cannabis with unique characteristics.

    The Joint Doctor’s Lowryder was the first dwarf strain offered to achieve 100% automatic flowering or autoflowering. Since then, autoflowering has become a huge phenomenon, with home breeders and seed enthusiasts trading seeds and information worldwide.

  • Seeds of Africa

    SOA Mission Statement

    Africa is home to the finest examples of Cannabis Sativa on the planet and our intention is to pass on these pure “foundation strains” to the rest of humanity so as not to lose them forever in a world dominated by hybridised/feminized cannabis varieties. Today’s Cannabis has been modified to the extent that many have lost their original mystic and power, giving way to the unnatural demands of today’s grower. These modern day strains get nowhere near the purity and clarity of their ancestral family as all of the original “power phenos”are lost within the process of cross breeding and feminising.

    We are not breeders, we consider ourselves preservationists, and along with passing on these genetics, we also want to share an understanding of where these wild landrace Sativa’s grow by detailing the conditions of the area that they are collected. This will give you a higher understanding of each strain and hopefully bring you closer to the plant itself.

    We hope that the rare phenotypes in each strain will be selected, collected and protected, claiming back the legendary Sativa strains of ancient Africa and the beauty, power and purity that are within them.

  • Vancouver Island seed Co.

    Over 22 years ago we began our quest for discovering the ideal Cannabis plants in which to breed some of the finest handpicked breeds that were available.

    Time flies when you are doing something you enjoy - it has taken the Vancouver Island Seed Company 15 years so far to create the 199 breeds that can be grown.

    At Vancouver Island Seed Company we always strive for Best Taste, Best High, and best of all, easy to grow! Good luck and have fun.

  • West Coast Seeds

    These strains are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. All Mighty Mite varieties feature a dominant main cola that explodes in the 6th to 8th week of flowering.