We have a huge variety of marijuana seed banks

  • Low ryder (Joint doctor)

    What makes our seeds different? Joint Doctor’s seed varieties belong to a new family of cannabis with unique characteristics.

    The Joint Doctor’s Lowryder was the first dwarf strain offered to achieve 100% automatic flowering or autoflowering. Since then, autoflowering has become a huge phenomenon, with home breeders and seed enthusiasts trading seeds and information worldwide.

  • Seeds of Africa

    SOA Mission Statement

    Africa is home to the finest examples of Cannabis Sativa on the planet and our intention is to pass on these pure “foundation strains” to the rest of humanity so as not to lose them forever in a world dominated by hybridised/feminized cannabis varieties. Today’s Cannabis has been modified to the extent that many have lost their original mystic and power, giving way to the unnatural demands of today’s grower. These modern day strains get nowhere near the purity and clarity of their ancestral family as all of the original “power phenos”are lost within the process of cross breeding and feminising.

    We are not breeders, we consider ourselves preservationists, and along with passing on these genetics, we also want to share an understanding of where these wild landrace Sativa’s grow by detailing the conditions of the area that they are collected. This will give you a higher understanding of each strain and hopefully bring you closer to the plant itself.

    We hope that the rare phenotypes in each strain will be selected, collected and protected, claiming back the legendary Sativa strains of ancient Africa and the beauty, power and purity that are within them.

  • Super Strains

    Superstrains is a seed company founded in 2010.  
    In fact, the work existed for decades as Nevenaktiviteit of the fertilizer manufacturer HY-PRO, and the self-sufficiency was a logical consequence.

    The most important thing here was the flight that took the seeds branch when the feminisation process was introduced.
    The Zadentak of HY-PRO grew into an independently operating organisation.

    Was for the turn of the century the crossing and breeding main activity, is from 2000 the Feministen a process in which one has specialized.
    The combination of these disciplines has ensured the leading position that Superstrains today occupies in its field.

    The crosses and breeding of varieties over the years, the endless combination of properties such as growth, bloom, taste, effect, resistance etc.,
    Had already led to a genetic result known all over the world as Amnesia.
    It may be said that over a period of 20 years no kind of more has appeared on the market that is so appealing to the imagination as this legendary plant.

    It is the vast choice of genetics from which the current assortment of Superstrains is distilled.
    The available genetics is all the best according to Superstrains for each user, whether it is recreational or medicinal,
    Outside or inside, as a final product or as a raw material for further processing.

    With Amnesia as a flagship it is very worthwhile to take the entire assortment.

    Besides her famous daughter there is for example Enemy of the state, the mother of Amnesia.
    It is a particularly potent indica with a unique musky scent and taste. Despite her high age (since the late ' 80 on the market), she is still very popular, and since the emergence of medicated marijuana, its analgesic properties are highly significant to this popularity. It is also the most Indica variation in the assortment of Superstrains.

    This assortment goes through El Cucaracha, 7th Wave, Next of Kin and eventually Amajikoym sativa.

    Today, the activities of Superstrains mainly focus on genetic heredity and its predictability, which can make a special contribution to medicinal applications.