Cannabis Seeds

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  • Indica

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    Information: Species from India and Pakistan.
    Short to medium shrub structure (brush type) plants with many branches, short internodal distances and flat leaves with wide leaflets, in some varieties even overlap each other.

    Its origin makes that plants better than sativa supporting thermal changes (hot or cold) and extreme environments.

    They have a rapid flowering in which as much double in size, are easy to grow in any growing environment (indoor or outdoor), well supported excess fertilizer and irrigation, being suitable for novice growers.

    They can be applied several pruning techniques, responding quite well.

    Her big and heavy floral buds offer us, fruity and sweet flavors, with physical effects, narcotics, indicated for physical ailments and pains.

  • Sativa

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    Information: Breed originating from Central America, Asia and Africa. They are tall plants, "ungainly", with large internodal distances and columnar structure (fir type), large leaves with long, narrow leaflets.

    The proximity of their home to Ecuador, makes almost all year ronde 12 hours of sun, which makes normally have a long flowering.

    Not consume many nutrients and are complex growth, especially in the indoor, being advisable in this case, starting directly with a photoperiod of 12/12 because it can grow disproportionately (triple size typically during bloom) and the apical pruning or other pruning techniques are usually not a good solution.

    His small but psychoactive buds offer incense, hot and spicy, with brain and creative effects.

  • hybrid

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    Information: (Not included here autoflowering, since all are hybrid without the option of pure varieties).
    Hybrid varieties are sexual crosses (not transgenic) manmade between indica and sativa.

    They are characterized by their hybrid vigor, ie, the crossbred plants tend to be stronger than its parent.

    They may be the result of crossing two varieties or multiple (polihybrid) and their morphological and psychoactive properties depend on the influence that have searched the "breeder" of each parent.

    Breeder: Whoever crosses and select plants (marijuana in this case) to create a new variety or improve an existing one.

  • Autoflowering

    Buy Autoflowering marijuana seeds

    Information: Variety native of Liberia and Siberia mostly (can be found in North America and Europe).

    Very low columnar plants with short branches, because they growing up in extreme climates do not respond to lighting cycles, flowering and completing their life cycle in three months on average from germinating.

    The pure breeds are used to hybridize (cross with other varieties), since by themselves are not narcotic, but as a parent gives to their descent the characteristic of autoflowering.

    No effects or ascertained flavors. Hybrids acquire their taste and effect (diluted) from the other parent (sativa or indica).